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Frequently Asked Questions - Pregnancy Services

FAQs - Pregnancy Services
When should I schedule my first prenatal visit?

After testing positive with a  pregnancy test, please call our office  and we will schedule an appointment approximately 8 weeks after your last period.

What food should I avoid during pregnancy?

It is best during pregnancy to avoid fish that contains Mercury (swordfish, shark and mackerel). We also suggest avoiding alchol, processed deli meats, unpasteurized chees and undercooked meat, poultry and fish.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

For most women, sex is safe during pregnancy. However if if  has been determined that your pregnancy is high risk or  you have a specific concern please speak to your provider directly.

Is it safe to the baby and mother to exercise during pregnancy?

Moderate excersice is safe during pregnancy and may even help with  labor. Speak to your physician about your excise regimen before beginning.

Is air travel safe during pregnancy?

Past 35 weeks we do not recommend air travel. Speak to your physician if you need travel afer 35 weeks. There are precautions you can take to minimize the risk of  blood clots  when traveling.

Is it recommeded to recive a flu shot during pregnancy?

We do recommend receiving a flu shot during pregnancy.

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